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Content Managers

Control your content.
Control your search engine optimization.

Become the master of your domain with the Kaboom Group's feature rich, web based content management system. Our content managers have an easy to use visual interface that looks like your finished web site, and so technophobes need not fear. If you can type and spell, SEO expertise can also be all yours.

Our content managers have been in constant development since 1999.


NO OTHER company offers the ease of use and advanced functionality than our visually driven Content Management System

- update your own text and pictures
- can be attached to any site
- perform your own search engine optimization

Kaboom Group Denver web design companies offers the calibre product that you need to take control of your web based business. Each CMS is built to look like your web site, so as you edit the content manager, you immediately see the results in a published format. Once a basic content manager 'engine' has been built, it's easy to add upgrades when you want them - newsletters, search engine optimization (SEO) tools, membership areas, calendars and so on. A single content manager can even power multiple sites.

Our content management system has these out of the box features:

- responsive mobile phone web site
- one click upload images from your computer into the web site
- add, edit and delete text
- add, edit and delete images
- search engine friendly site map
- online response reports (feedback, employment etc)
- search engine friendly title tag editor
- easily create new sections in your web site
- ability to upload and edit banners and text links
- ability to create internal and external web links

- create keyword rich navigation links for SEO

  Advanced and Custom Content Management Systems
For those that demand even more features, here are just a few of the things that we have up in content management box of tricks. Custom applications can be created by our team of programmers, so if you do not see it here the chances are we can build it.
Additional CMS features

- create newsletters
- automatic image watermarking (copyright your stuff)
- automatic image resizing (upload any image and the CMS will resize and compress the image to the correct web size)
- membership managers / membership areas
-discussion boards

search engine functions:
- edit meta tags, keywords and description tags
- edit page title tags
- edit ALT tags
- edit URLs
- create multiple keyword rich text pages
- create multiple additional content sections for SEO
- create keyword rich navigation menu on the fly
- links directory
- automatic XML sitempa creation
- on the fly page stats
- Google Analytics insertion




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